What is Parasitics Analaytics?

Parasitics symbiotic technology allows for the real time analysis of location, operational and electrical data from a host device. In a retail environment our technology will communicate whether your powered retail display is operational. Parastics technology is patent pending.

How does it work?

Parasitics technology uses sensors to interact with the host device - the display - during the pass through of power. It does not require any store infrastructure or store personnel for it to work.   

What can it do for me?

Our technology provides answers to some very common issues concerned with display compliance, such as “Is my display deployed?” “Is it in the correct store?” “Was the set date correct?” “Is it operational?”

Parasitics can answer all of these questions and more, not just on an ad-hoc basis, but every single day.

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How does this impact my bottom line?

It can save you money. A lot of money. In opportunity cost alone. Two valuable industry facts:

  • 40% of displays are executed as planned[i]

  • During promotions, stores with a display executed compliantly as planned saw a 193% incremental sale lift[ii]

With under 50% of displays executed as planned, there is an opportunity to capture sales simply by knowing that that the display is installed and working on the shop floor.

Parasitics Analytics also monitors the health of your electronic display. It identifies any changes of power and provides information for the direct targeting of merchandisers, retail store staff, sales associates or merchandising companies, to fix known problems. A list of targets allows you to spend your merchandising dollars more intelligently; solving real problems not simply surveying and spot checking.

Parasitics Analytics helps get your electronic, multimedia and interactive displays online or back online quickly.

Parasitics technology is also re-assignable, allowing you to purchase hardware as a capital expense and depreciate over time. Boxes can be re-assigned from expired displays to new ones elsewhere.

What type of display can use your technology?

Any powered display that uses low voltage power (in the range of 6V-15V DC, 0.5A-3A). This could be anything from a free standing display to a counter top unit that uses power for a LCD/media player, LED lighting, motion sensors or sound etc. Our technology can be fitted at point of manufacture or retrofitted at a later date.

Where does this technology fit?

Our box should be fitted inline with the main low voltage power input to the display wherever possible. Our unit works on a daisy chain principal, your original power supply will still remain as the main source of power and the output from our box will plug into your display's main input.

It can be fitted externally or internally. The device responds in a similar manner to a cellphone; it will get it’s best signal when installed away from metal frames or panels. Installation suggestions are available in our Technical Reference Manual. The device can be easily attached to the display by use of two screw points or using double sided foam tape.

How big is it?

The size of our standard unit is 5.5" x 3.25" x 1.2" (142mm x 82mm x 28mm).

Can the units be retrofitted?

Yes! We designed our device to be easy to retrofit and simple to install.

The original power supply is plugged into the unit. The output from the unit plugs into your display.

We have multiple input connector types available and our output connector can be tailored to your specific needs. On the off-chance that our existing connectors don't work for you it is a simple process to add an adapter.

How does your technology communicate?

Parasitics technology uses cellular (2G or LTE) technology for primary communication.

How accurate is your data?

Our technology is retail location accurate. Our standard unit “reads” the device every 30 seconds and communicates every hour.

We can filter by store (i.e. we will tell you which store you are in) against a provided list of expected retail locations. We can audit against that list by a number of variables.

Does your unit work on battery powered displays?

Yes, our technology can be built to work with battery powered displays. We have a low power drain so you will not notice any real reduction in battery operation times. The analytics can provide not only location and activation information but also low battery warnings allowing you to prevent downtime due to battery depletion.

Does your technology require any in-store infrastructure?

Our units are standalone. They do not require any additional store infrastructure. Each unit is monitored independently no matter how many devices are deployed or where they are located.

How reliable are your units?

The technology has been developed by highly qualified engineers to be reliable. Our manufacturing is ISO9001 certified. Our devices are designed to fail safe (that’s to say in the extremely unlikely event we do get a hardware failure it will not affect your display function).

How do you know you will get a signal?

Parasitics cellular provider has coverage for data in a large proportion of the US. This service covers most likely retail locations. A coverage map for multiple carriers can be seen here. Our technology is not carrier dependent so if any of the major carriers show signal our device should work.

Parasitics devices are designed to receive a signal in situations where most cell phones cannot due to size and other limitations, though most retail locations are in heavily populated areas where cellular service is at its strongest.

We can’t guarantee every unit you deploy will get a signal but we can guarantee we’ve done our best to make sure this is the case.

How far in front of the set date can I fit your box?

Our device can be programmed to activate (and deactivate) on any given date you specify.

How do I reassign the units to a different PO / work order number / display?

Our devices can be reassigned easily and remotely. All you will need is a list of serial numbers of the devices you want reassigned and the reassignment information. We'll do the rest!

Can I license your technology and build your hardware directly into my board/device?

We are more than happy to listen to your ideas! Email hello@parasiticsanalytics.com to get in touch. 

I need it to do "X", but I don't see it here. Can it be done?

Come and talk to us. You'll find us very open-minded and responsive about new ideas and development.

[i] A.R.E. | POPAI’s 2015 Compliance Initiative Study as referenced in Shop!’s white paper: A Display is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Steven A. Weiss. July 6, 2016.

[ii] A.R.E. | POPAI’s 2015 Compliance Initiative Study as referenced in Shop!’s white paper: A Display is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Steven A. Weiss. July 6, 2016.