Location and real-time operational data for interactive retail displays

Gain a competitive edge, add value to clients and acquire efficiency gains - all by simply knowing. Parasitics Analytics provides just that, without any infrastructure, without being on site, without store personnel.



Gain the competitive edge, add value to clients and acquire efficiency gains. This added service is an easy up-sell for agencies, merchandisers and installers alike.

Track and monitor units

Automate routine tasks. Track and monitor units. Receive data instantly and set maintenance schedules accordingly. Best of all, random spot checks become a thing of the past.

Know instantly when a display goes offline

Become skilled in troubleshooting. Target manpower to solve problems as they arise. Know instantly when a display goes offline and organize repairs quickly. Prevent wastage for brands - displays are repaired promptly, rather than discarded or destroyed.

Proactively respond to broken displays

Provide superior customer service. Guarantee and exceed advertised response times, and provide answers to questions quickly.

Provide actual data, not estimates

Engage client loyalty. Ensure repeat business by providing data - actuals, not estimates - and guide future planning on forthcoming roll outs. Establish which retailers and displays had the most success.



Parasitics technology* is easy to install, simple to operate and it is even re-assignable. No additional infrastructure is required; simply connect the box to the power supply and plug in. Existing displays can also be retrofitted.

Purchase hardware as a capital expense and depreciate over time as boxes are re-assigned from expired displays to new ones in store.  

* patent pending: U.S. Pub. No. 2019/019892 



Attach to power supply
Locate retail displays
Monitor display performance
Identify problems with displays. Plan installations.
Arrange display installations. Organize display repairs.
Review POP installations and display repairs